I've been using flat panel TVs for my computer monitor for years now. They were cheaper than "real" monitors and work plenty well enough for my needs.

However lately I've been working on a project that has be focusing on the theme (colors, layout) of the applications. Which means I spending way more time on how things look and are structured. I've noticed that my monitor was not performing well with these new requirements.

A friend of mine had been looking at monitors and mentioning these new ultra wide 34" monitors that use 3440x1440 resolution. Also around this time I had been seeing these monitors and others in my Massdrop emails. I set out to do some research and decided on the Dell U3417W.

All I can say is ...

Where has ultra wide monitors been all my life!

There are times where some technology comes along and changes your life. This is one of them. This monitor is just amazing. The moment I ran my first SQL script and ALL the data was presented on the screen with no horizontal scrolling, I knew this would change my life. I spend a lot of time writing queries to sub select the data but imagine not being able to do that!


I then opened Visual Studio and oh man I was blown away. I could have as many tools opened as I wanted without losing space for my code. I'm not saying I'm going to start writing lines of code that run 300+ character but it's nice to no longer have to think in such small lines. Hint: technology has advanced we no longer have to limit ourselves to 80 character screen widths.

Anyone who knows me, understands how much I care about automation testing. See my TestR open source automation project to learn more. Normally my automation test will open an instance of Chrome, Internet Explorer, and Firefox. Then it positions them side by side allowing each of them to take up a 1/3 of the screen. Now at 1920x1080 this means the website would normally go into the responsive small view. However on this monitor each browser gets to show the website in the full view. Make a huge difference when watching your automation script run. It was a great experience.


Gaming is just amazing. Having the extra pixel to the left and right in FPS shooters like Counter Strike: Go was great. I really feel like this is going to help not have to turn left and right as often to see if someone is coming around the corner or down some corridor. The curved screen really pulls you into the game. The world around you fades away and you feel as if you are there.

I haven't ran many games as I've only had the monitor less than 24 hours.I did fire up World of Warcraft and I feel that playing with this monitor would really allow you to become immersed in the virtual world in a way that would not have been available without the wrapping screen. I will do more "research" on this and maybe do a gaming specific post.

More to come

I think I'm going to love this monitor. I'll come back and do a post update once I've been able to spent more time with the monitor.

Rock on and Become EPIC!