How long does it take for software to get out of date and require updating? Pretty much the moment you deploy any software there's probably a developer that just built a new version that is "better" than the one you just deployed.

Everyone who builds software will require the user to update their device / platform / software. You can be anyone from a device manufacturer (Apple, Microsoft, Google) or an individual writing something like a timer app. Eventually that v1 that was released will need an update to v1.1, 1.2, etc.

I have seen people react negate to updates. In my opinion, updates should not be looked at as something negative. Updates are great! You should always be downloading the latest and greatest updates to ensure you are running the most valid, reliable, secure product possible.

I just purchase a Mac Mini. It had both minor and major updates out the box. Yep, even Apple does not ship their devices with the latest OS and updates. Microsoft releases new updates every Tuesday. This means no OEM can ship their devices with the latest updates. I do think all Microsoft OEM should ship the latest major updates with their devices. However how do you update devices that shipped last month that are setting on store shelves or that are sitting in warehouses? You can't which means we should do our best to put the latest software on devices but realize we cannot always ship devices with the latest software.

I think we could get better at release updates but updates are just a part of life. I just purchased an iPhone and a Mac Mini. I woke up early and ran into my office to get started writing software... and here it is hours later and I'm still downloading updates. Updates for my Mac, my Android SDK, etc. Large updates take time to download and even more time installing.

I think we've gotten into this mobile app experience where poof updates are fast and almost instant. A mobile phone app is not the same as as OS update like Apple's macOS Sierra. We should not expect to have the same update experience. You will not have the same experience installing a Windows security update and installing a major update like the Windows Anniversary (1607) update.

Basically I think we should get better at setting our expectation. When doing large updates like OS or large development tools, we should plan and expect longer download and install times. We should expect to take a few minutes, possibly hours, to setup a new device whether it be an Apple Mac Mini, a new super powerful Microsoft Windows gaming PC, or an education tablet with a battery efficient CPU. We can have a different expectation when updating Facebook on our phones.