To pursue a career as a developer with a professional goal oriented company. To mentor individuals that shares my belief of perpetual improvement. To work with a company who would like to change to the world to be a better place.

About Me

My passion is learning about software engineering and programming. Every day I strive to understand and learn as much as I possibly can. I am an avid goal setter and set almost unrealistic goals for myself. I feel that is the only way to maximize your performance. Pushing yourself to your limit is the only way to become a better you.

In the last few years I have started mentoring others to help them transition from junior to mid-level developers and from mid to senior level developers. Mentoring has become something I enjoy and continue to seek out new developers to help.

Qualification Summary
  • Highly motivated and driven individual. I strive to be the best in all I do.
  • 20+ years of experience in testing, designing, implementing and maintaining software.
  • Worked on software at all levels from embedded hardware, back end services, and front-end websites.
  • Not only is this my profession but it’s my life. I absolutely love software development and could not imagine doing anything else.
  • Before I was a software developer I was involved in electronic repair at a component level. This has allowed me to understand electronics at the most basic level. This has helped me understand how software interacts with hardware at the deepest levels.
Technical Skills

Languages: C#, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, SQL, XAML
Frameworks: Xamarin, Entity Framework, .NET, ASP.NET, VueJS, AngularJS, Web API, MVC, SignalR, jQuery... and many others.
Databases: MSSQL, SQL Azure, MYSQL, RavenDB
Source Control: GIT, TFS, SVN, Source Safe
Hosting: Azure (websites), IIS 7+

Personal Projects

OmniShell is the world's best PowerShell editor. OK, maybe I'm biased but I really do think it's one amazing editor. We are currently still in beta but feel free to grab a copy and check it out for yourself.

Check out my GitHub Profile to view all my open source projects. All my projects are release under the MIT license. You can read why on this post.

TestR is an integration testing framework for developers. TestR allows automating testing of web and desktop applications. Currently TestR supports Internet Explorer, Chrome, and Firefox web browsers. Edge support is in beta.

Speedy is an embedded key value store and Entity Framework testing framework. Speedy allows the true unit testing of Entity Framework database context.

Become Epic is a fitness site dedicated to helping you track your workouts, diet, and measurements (body fat & weight). It has helped me reach get to the best physical conditioning I've ever been. When I started exercising I could barely bench press 70 pounds. Today I can bench press 275 pounds. This more than 100 pounds more than I weigh! Become Epic helps you accomplish goals just like this.

Work History
3AM Innovations (October 2018 / Current)

Senior Software Architect

  • Designed and implemented Florian architecture
Quantros (April 2017 / October 2018)

Senior Software Engineer

I was hired to be a change agent and to help bring the team forward. We have been successful in elevating the expectation of what it means to develop software at Quantros.

  • Assisted in elevating the expectation of the development team
  • Converted from one graphing library to another library in two sprints
  • Helped migrate to VSTS for continuous integration and deployment
  • Started initiative to bring testing in the form of unit, integration, and automation testing
  • Implement database migration project to maintain database migration history
Bak USA (July 2016 / April 2017)

Software Architect

The Bak Software Services project implemented an imaging solution that provided imaging services to image tablet and personal computers. The server tracks the current image releases and provide the client with a list of available images. The client would ask the server for a list of images then keep a local cache of the most recent images to reduce the amount of traffic across the network while reducing the time it takes to image devices.

  • Designed and implemented custom imaging solution to allow per customer images
  • Lead a team of developers to create and maintain software projects
  • Help in companywide initiative of getting teams started with Scrum, an agile process
Harris (Oct 2013 / July 2016)

Software Architect

The MyGovHub and HIDS projects used the following technologies and frameworks. C#, .NET, ASP.NET, WebAPI, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Angular, JQuery, GIT, Entity Framework, MSSQL

  • Promoted to the Architect of the R&D Harris Local Government team.
  • Lead initiative to convert from old version of LLBLGen ORM to Entity Framework.
  • Lead initiative to convert the multiple unstructured (VB/C#) solution to a single language (C#) solution.
  • Promoted to the technical lead the Bit-Masters (Billing) team.
  • Personally, mentored a couple junior software developers.
  • Updated the single tenant MyGovHub application to be multi-tenant.
  • Develop custom deployment infrastructure (HDN, Harris Deployment Network) to assist in deploying MyGovHub and other products.
  • Improved the HIDS data sync API performance dramatically. Original sync down to 1h 45m from 36+ hours.
  • Added syncing infrastructure consisting of a sync agent with custom sync connectors to attach to different backend systems.
Team IA (Feb 2013 / Oct 2013)

Software Developer

The Trade Readjustment Allowance (TRA) project used the following technologies and frameworks. C#, .NET, ASP.NET, WCF, RIA, Silverlight, Entity Framework, TFS

  • Responsible for the implementing and maintaining the claim / claimant portion the TRA project.
  • Responsible for implementing internal WCF services to access data in SQL using Entity Framework.
  • Responsible for implement external WCF RIA services to allow the Silverlight client to access the internal WCF service.
  • Responsible for creating and maintaining the claim / claimant portion of the Silverlight client.
CSI Technology Outfitters (Nov 2009 / Feb 2013)

Software Developer

The CSI Cloud Services project used the following technologies and frameworks. C#, .NET, ASP.NET, WCF, Entity Framework, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Windows Services

  • Responsible for updating and maintaining our distributed work manager Job Manager. Job Manager is the base hosting service for the CSI@K12 services. Job Manager allows the distribution of work across any number of servers. Job Manager would monitor work queues and hand them out across an array of threads on a group of servers. This allows CSI to perform a lot of work without interruption due to down servers.
  • Responsible for the design and implementation of the deployment agent and service. This service and agent allows for deployment of the CSI@K12 solution software to servers located in the data center and many remote locations. Once a deployment has been tested we can deploy it with just a few clicks. The agent will see the update and perform the task on all the servers in just a matter of minutes.
Sealevel Systems, Inc. (May 2001 / Nov 2009)

Software Developer

The Talos Framework and WinUT Manufacturing Test System used the following technologies. C#, ASP.NET, MySql, Access, .NET Compact Framework, .NET Framework

  • Assisted in the design and development the Talos Framework which is an IO framework to run on IO devices. This framework is designed to scale across many different devices.
  • Developed and maintained all the manufacturing test software written in C#. This test software must ensure that the product is 100% functional.
  • Developed a standard testing interface for all product lines. Originally the tests all had their own custom interface that could cause confusion.
  • Developed for products with interfaces of USB, PCI, PCI Express, ISA, PC/104, PC/104+ and Ethernet.

Vocational Training in Basic Electronics at B.J. Skelton Career Center, Easley, SC. 1996-1997
Easley High School in Easley, South Carolina. 1995-1997