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Saying that I'm a passionate person is a huge understatement. I take each day as an opportunity to learn from my previous day's failures and successes. Each day is a chance to take this information to adjust and adapt. Each day we have a choice to grow and advance or to slip and miss the opportunities before us.

My passions include software engineering, body building, and being the best husband ever. Every day I strive to understand and learn as much as I possibly can. I am an avid goal setter and set almost unrealistic goals for myself. I feel that is the only way to maximize your performance. Pushing yourself to your limit is the only way to become a better you.

The pages below are just a few thoughts that I have chosen to share with the world. Many times I allow life to get in the way and I don't take the time to share as much as I should. As always I am encouraging myself to share more. As Scott Hanselman says it only takes a small amount of time to write down your thoughts and then you can reference them forever. I hope something I've written here will help you. If you find anything I say helpful I'd love to here from you.

Want to know more, check out my resume.

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